Mazzarolo Matteo
Mazzarolo Matteo

Breathly: A breath training app built with React-Native

By Mazzarolo Matteo

Today I published Breathly App: a React-Native mobile app that allows you to focus on your breathing.
You can use Breathly for daily relaxation and breath training: just choose a breathing technique and focus on the guided exercise.

screenshot 1
screenshot 2

Breathly is a small React-Native app that I developed on my free time in 2018 for playing around with the React-Native Animated API. With the incoming React-Native’s hooks support (in 0.59) I decided to get back on it, rewrite it with hooks, and also release it in the Play Store and in App Store.

A landing page for the app is available at

You can find the source code of the app, an architecture overview and a few details on how it was build on the GitHub repo.