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Hello! I'm

Matteo Mazzarolo

I'm a nerdy introvert based in Padova, Italy, where I live with (in no particular order) my partner, my daughter, and my dog.

Welcome to my website!


I'm currently working at SynthesiaSpotify logo, an AI video creation platform startup, where I'm having a ton of fun shaping the web architecture and developer experience.

Previously, I worked at SpotifySpotify logo as a senior software engineer, building cross-platform JavaScript tooling — a pompous way to say I'm working on various Spotify apps (for desktop, web, TV, etc.).

Before joining Spotify, I was a lead software engineer at InVisionSpotify logo, where I worked on the front-end architecture and mobile app.

Side projects

Over the last few years, I designed, developed, and published a handful of little products such as Breathly (a popular breath training mobile app), Ordinary Puzzles (a minimalistic puzzle game), Remotebear (a remote jobs aggregator), and NumValidate (a phone number validation API-as-a-service).

Besides these side projects, I maintain a bunch of popular open-source libraries and blog about JavaScript, TypeScript, web development, and developer tools.
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Feel free to reach me at :)
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