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On eslint-plugin-react-app

By Mazzarolo Matteo

The more I work in the JavaScript ecosystem, the more I enjoy using opinionated solutions to solve common problems.

A couple of years ago I created eslint-plugin-react-app: a minimal set of unobtrusive ESLint rules that can be installed trough a single npm package.
I can just run yarn add eslint-plugin-react-app, add it to my .eslintrc config, and I'm ready to go.
It works on React and React-Native codebases and I always pair it with TypeScript and Prettier.

Basically, what eslint-plugin-react-app does is exposing the ESLint configuration used by Create React App without the need of declaring all its dependencies.

I'm still using this plugin on a daily basis, mostly because I almost never want to enforce strict linting rules.
A set of simple common rules is enough these days.
TypeScript takes care of typing issues. Prettier makes bikeshedding a thing of the past. ESLint can finally focus on what it does better: warn you about unsafe instructions and stupid mistakes.

The currently included plugins are the following:

And here's the list of its currently enabled rules.